God's Plan

Do you ever stop and wonder if you are on the right path of life?  We have at times.  We felt called to help people out of addiction many years ago.  We were eager and ready to go.  We welcomed people into our house that was already full.  We dreamed of one day having our own house that we could use to help people coming out of addiction.  Sometimes that dream felt so far away and we would wonder if it would ever happen.  God continually has given us signs to keep us on that path.  

One sign that he gave us recently happened  on a walk while we were talking about having a house and asking God - is this still what you have for us?  As we were talking about it and praying about it, we stumbled upon a black box that was open right in the middle of the sidewalk.  Inside the box was drug paraphilia, quite a bit.  We knew that God was talking to us.  We picked it up and threw it away in a near by dumpster so that some kids would not find it since it was right in front of the elementary school.  We felt energized that we were still on the right path.

Fast forward about a month and we have a house!  We are so excited, scared, and humbled by this gift God has given us to use for His good.  Thank you, God, for answering the cry of our hearts.  Your timing, not ours is a hard one to understand at times.  God knows what he is dong better than us though.  

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