More Than Sobriety

More Than Sobriety

“If I could just quit using I’d be okay.”

Have you ever said that? Have you ever thought that for a friend or loved one? If they could get clean everything would be good in their life. What would life be like without that substance and without all that baggage that comes with it? At The Table, we think the problem goes deeper than just the substance. There’s a strong driving force that’s behind using those substances. Its pain, and addicts have learned to medicate their pain instead of facing their root cause. The tragic spiral is that there is no amount of meds on the planet able to take away the pain that an addict has beneath. So, if an addict stops medicating (using) they are still left with their underlying painful issues – the same issues that drove them to start using in the first place, and this is why just sobriety is not enough. While sobriety is necessary, sobriety without healing is not a good long term solution. Finding healing from those painful issues is one of our main goals at The Table. 

On paper everyone’s pain looks different – it’s not necessarily on the same level, but its pain nonetheless. Everyone has an injury or an inner void, and maybe you don’t even know why or where it comes from. You may be more wired than other people to be an addict – like it’s in your DNA or you have an addictive personality, but it’s more than that. It’s because you have had trauma in your life, and you’ve learned to medicate those things. Difficult things have happened to you and you need to sort through those. You need healing, but in order to be healed you need a HEALER. We believe the only one that can truly heal us is Jesus. We can’t heal ourselves – we can injure ourselves, but not heal ourselves. God’s heart for us is to bring healing to us, and create life in our soul.  

We’re aiming for more than sobriety at The Table. Instead of focusing primarily on NOT using we focus on getting healed from the why we used in the first place. Our aim is for healing which means we need to draw near to the Healer. Sobriety focus is about finding the right tools to quit and maintain not using. Healing focus (or better yet, HEALER focus) is about long term growth so that long term sobriety is a greater possibility.

Do you want to be healed? 

The first step toward healing IS sobriety and sometimes (most times) you need somebody to help you get to a safe place to begin sobriety. You cannot start healing and continue healing without sobriety. Healing is a good long-term goal that requires more than just stopping bad destructive behaviors. It requires embracing a whole new way of living and redefining who we really are. You find answers to those things by learning to walk a new life with Jesus.  I’ll talk more about what that looks like in my next blog.

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