What Next?

A recovery program always comes to an end.  You can’t stay there forever.  What will you do next?  This is a question that you will ponder a lot as your approach your graduation day.  Some people are lucky enough to have a place to go that is safe.  The fact is though that a lot of people don’t have a safe place to transition to. They have burned all their bridges or there just isn’t a safe place for them.  As I transitioned out of a yearlong program, I was lucky to have a great family that took me in and helped me transition back into the “real world.”  I heard stories of others not making it because they didn’t have a safe place to go.  So, in my heart became a stirring to want to help these people.  I dreamed about a day that I could have a house for people to come to and help them transition back into the “real world.”  That day has finally come.  That is what the Table PNW is all about.  As of right now we have room to house five men.  They will be able to live here free of charge as we help them navigate through the ups and downs of what it looks like to live a sober life in the “real world.” 

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