Yeah I know dude

Letter to an addict, from an addict. There is Hope.

Last thing you want to do right now, is read some long, drawn out story about some guy who overcame addiction. Yeah I know dude. You’re sick. Physically and emotionally, you’re broken, you’ve lost EVERYTHING (if u haven’t yet, you will...) ALL, and ANY HEALTHY relationships you may have had are dead and gone. 

Again, you are broken. I’ve been broken by addiction. I’ve been breaking needles in my blown out veins for over 12 years. Just hoping not to wake up after I plunged that plunger into my system.

So I get it dude! Right now you’re losing. 

The truth is, you will die if you continue in this pattern of insanity. There are MILLIONS of options for help. However hear me when I say, there is only one out of that millions of options that works. His name is Jesus. 

Now don’t get all weird cause I mentioned Jesus. Ur welcome to try all other avenues of help and healing. I sure did. But I tell you our time here; YOUR time here is numbered and less numbered if you continue in this lifestyle.

Right now you feel hopeless, you feel broken, you feel like ur drowning, straight up HOPELESS. Check it out. Those things maybe have some truth to them. But the overall truth is that there is Hope and His name is Jesus. He loves you. He wants you. He created you.

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