About Us


The Symbol: 

This symbol represents our aim and our values. What you’re looking at is an aerial view of a round table with 6 seats. At the center of the Table is Love and the seats around this table represent how we love and who we love. 

Our aim is to love and to be loved, but who we love and how we love is important to clarify. It is our intent to love God with all our HEART, SOUL, MIND, STRENGTH, and to love our NEIGHBOR like we love ONE ANOTHER. The Table is structured around these values. We apply these values by putting them into practice. 


The Name:

The Table is the setting where family is united. Ideally, a family gathers at the table to receive nourishment by sharing a meal together, and to provide space to share stories with one another. It is our desire that The Table would be a place for you to receive soul nourishment and a place where we can share story together. 

In the bible the table is the setting of GRACE. It represents a place that we’re invited to come and feast with God and be in communion with Him. We cannot earn a place at this table of grace, but we are invited to come and sit.

Banqueting Table:

Jesus shares a parable with us in Luke 14 that illustrates God’s invitation to come and enjoy fellowship with him and to share in the feast he has prepared. In the story the master prepares a great feast and the ones he invited to come make excuses of why they can’t come. So he sends out his servant into the streets and alleys of the towns to bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind, the lame, and then out to the country to compel them to come so that his house will be full. Our desire is to accept the Master’s invitation to come and feast with him at his table. 

Table of Communion:

The table of communion is the story of Jesus sharing his last meal with his disciples. It is pregnant with meaning and implications, but the main illustration for us is of God’s grace his and invitation to come participate in his mission and values.

These songs help illustrate the idea of the table of grace. Enjoy!