What does this symbol mean?

This symbol represents our aim and our values. What you’re looking at is an aerial view of a round table with 6 seats. At the center of the Table is Love. Ultimately, Love is our aim, but who we love and how we love is important to clarify. It is our intent to love God with all our HEART, SOUL, MIND, STRENGTH, and to love our NEIGHBOR like we love ONE ANOTHER. The Table is structured around these values. 

The Table has 3 tiers:

The 1 year program: The Table is a grace based residence helping men find healing from addiction, embracing a whole new way of living, and redefining who we really are. 

The Transitional Housing/Equipping for ministry: The Table transitional housing exists to provide a safe place and safe community for men and women who have successfully completed a recovery program who need help with finding work, paying off fines/bills, additional counseling and equipping… …..  equipping and training to enter the ministry as church planters, addiction ministry, youth pastors, etc

The Church: The Table Church exists to help disciple and be a healthy community support for people in the program, and to prevent addiction in our city by being proactively involved in high risk areas of our community.

About the program:

We are a 9 month –Grace-based Gospel centric discipleship program – 3 month re-entry transition

We provide: Safe Place, Safe Community, Gospel healing, Gospel application, Equipping for re-entry as a disciple on mission.

Grace Based – come as you are. Grace is the method which the program is run because it reflects God’s character.  We believe in  a highly structured and accountable environment like other recovery programs, but how do we keep the expectations high and yet have grace?

The way we want to disciple is Authoritative – NOT – Authoritarian. Authoritarian Discipleship reflects ungrace – high demands and low responsiveness.

Authoritative Discipleship best reflects grace.

From  the book, 7 Pillars of Freedom-  “69% of addicts grew up in a rigid disengaged home. As a result they learn to withdraw and be a loner….. And some of the most rigid disengaged homes are ‘Christian’ homes that focus on performance and on not sinning. Life is always black and white for them. Rules far outnumber any form of relationships.” 

Grace is the thing that changes people’s behavior because it changes their heart.

Gospel Centered/Centric:

The Gospel is the Good News that God offers us salvation through his Son Jesus Christ. It is God’s we want our students to know so we will teach who God is and who we are in light of His story. We will seek to apply the Gospel to every aspect of our lives. We will teach the Gospel in group and individual settings. Seeing, hearing, and learning God’s story helps us find out who God is and who we are in light of His story of work in our lives. The Gospel invites repentance. Repentance is not something we do in order to receive forgiveness. Instead it is something we do when we realize we are forgiven.

Discipleship – equipping through education & experience during the 9 month period. Equipping is providing tools and direction needed to have sustainable growth and sobriety. The goal is to make the student ready for the “real world”

EQUIPPING and EDUCATION - weeks 1 – 36 


it’s not enough to learn in the class – we need experiential learning too through modeling. Modeling the new way of life. We see Jesus model the way of discipleship to us through teaching/intentional life-on-life interaction on the road, and that is the model we wish to mimic. life on life/face to face discipleship.  “come follow me as I follow Christ”

Rhythms for sustainable spiritual growth: 

Values and practices = disciplines (prayer, word, worship, sabbath, mission, community)  

Holistic Health – SOUL/SPIRIT, MIND, BODY (we want our grads to be the healthiest they’ve ever been in their soul, mind, and body)

SOUL/SPIRIT – prayer, bible, mission, worship, community

MIND – reading, memorization

BODY – rest/sleep, active time/exercise, education about food. (3 John 2)

Healthy menu choices. 

Staying in tune with body’s needs. This actually aides in relapse prevention….

RE-Entry - week 37 - 52 - needs to be strong through church community partnerships (housing, mentoring). During this period how often do they leave the site to apply for jobs, meet with pastor/mentor, enroll in school, take care of legal responsibilities.  RELAPSE PREVENTION PLAN

2ND YEAR/TRANSITIONAL HOUSING– in some cases an additional year might feel like the best option for an individual.

The goal is to equip the 2nd year to become an active follower of Christ on mission through:

Continued Healing 

Mentoring relationships

FMO. FMO is a more in depth look at all the themes stated above and addresses the sexual/pornography addiction that is one of the most ingrained addictions we face. A student participating in this weekly meeting would benefit from the curriculum, accountability, and it would build necessary church community for that student.


Leadership Experience – running work crews, leading AM Proverbs discussion and AM Prayer.

Community involvement.

 CHURCH: Attending service  and being involved with and surrounded by other Christians is an important part of an individuals growth, not only for themselves and their recovery, but as an opportunity to grow and strengthen their faith. Church is a space for both weekly worship and community building.